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Cyber Monday Week!

Almost everything discounted!  Savings throughout the week.

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy fourth of July America!  We will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th.  We will be back to work on Thursday, July 5th.

Bimmerfest 2012

We will be at Bimmerfest on Saturday, May 19th 2012.  See us at Booth #3!

Due to scheduling, we will not be open tomorrow, Friday May 18th, 2012.  We will resume normal business hours on Monday, 21th, 2012.

Going Racing...

It's race season again and we're going racing this weekend.  We will have a limited day tomorrow, Friday April 20th.  Please e-mail us if you need to contact us.  We will be checking our e-mails regularly.  If it is urgent and you cannot reach us at the office, you can contact Christine at

We will be racing our 135i in the Global Time Attack Series at Buttonwillow, CA.  Coming along will be the newest member of the family, Milby, our F30 328i for her inaugural track day to test out her new parts currently in development.

Forge Diverter Valve Upgrade Kits Are Here!

You can now have get your BMW 135i/335i/535i Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipes with these Forge Diverter Valve Upgrade Kits!  We are now stocking the Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve Upgrade Kits for the 135i/335i/535i.  Available in both machine finish (silver) and black.  More info here:  Forge Diverter Valve Upgrade Kit, Diverter Valve Charge Pipe, Competition FMIC


R&D of the BMW N20 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine Begins!

We've started our R&D on new parts for the new BMW N20 4 cylinder turbo engine found on the new 2012 (F30) 328i.

"Milby" on his temporary home on lift #1

N20 Engine Naked...

Intercooler coming out... upgraded FMIC coming soon!

Rear diff coming out... LSD Diff coming soon!

New Member to the ER Family! 2012 BMW 328i

We're very excited today as we just picked up the newest member of our family, "Milby".  Big thanks to Yi-Wen, sales manager @ Shelly BMW for getting us the very first F30 off their lot.  Highly recommend anyone in the area who's looking to buy a BMW to get it from him.  He gave us a KILLER deal!  4 Cylinder turbo.  2012 BMW 328i rated @ 240hp and 260lbs of torque.

Without further adeu, here's "Milby"

Milby @ Shelly BMW

Milby @ ER

The fun begines tommorow when R&D on new parts starts... ;)  Stay tuned for N20 engine parts!

The NEW HKS Super Sequential Valve 4 is here!


HKS has just come out with the new Super Sequential Blow Off Valve (SSQV) 4 Blow Off Valve (BOV).  We have them in stock now!  Get them now with your new charge pipe!

RTA Round 2 at Firebird Raceway: Another Victory! Another Track Record!


  • Street Class RWD Win: 1:07:364 sec. 
  • Overall Street Class Win!
  • New Firebird Raceway record for Street Class Overall and RWD!  Broke the old record by almost 6 seconds!

Round 2 of the Redline Pro Time Attack had us going on a road trip to Phoenix, Arizona.  The 7 hour drive to Phoenix was quite uneventful except for an incident with an SUV at 1:00am.  We were speeding down interstate 10 at 85mph (we were late like always) in the service truck with the Time Attack 135i in tow.  We were tired as hell from the long drive and falling asleep.  All of a sudden flashes go off and kept going off.  Everyone woke up as we though we were getting pulled over by the highway patrol.  Finally realized the flashes were from a SUV pacing right next to us, with all occupants sticking their heads out the window, taking pictures.  That felt great!  Thanks for the compliments whoever you guys were in the SUV and thanks for waking our sleepy driver!

Saturday morning saw rain.  Lots of it, cold and misearble.  Enough to postpone the entire event.  7 hour drive to get rained out.  Great!   Everyone huddled into the service truck and slept.  Finally in the late afternoon the sky cleared and the rain stopped.  First and only practice session was called.  This was not good for us.  First of all RWD and rain don't mix.  Second, our driver  Dieterhas never driven this track and was unfamiliar with the layout.  Third, this being his second time in the car, he was still learning how to control her.  While most of the field opted to stay off the wet track to play it safe, we pull our 135i out on the track.  First hot lap, 1:10.8xx.  The crew stood in the hot pits in disbelief.  We broke the old class track record (1:12:9xx) by 2 seconds on the first lap on a wet track with a driver who's never driven the track!  Next lap 1:09:5xx.  Wow he's getting faster!  The seconds kept clicking down.  By the end of the practice session, we had pulled a 1:07:535, beating the old record by 5.4 seconds!

Rain in Phoenix.  Lots of it, cold and miserable.


Sunday saw clear skies.  The track for the most part had dried up with small wet spots in certain areas.  No problem.  Due to the rain the previous day, we were offered 1 more practice session before the actual competition begins.  Again, we go out and run consistent 1:07s.  Competition starts.  Fresh, new Hankook RS3s go on.  We clock a 1:07:364, easily securing a Street RWD Class victory as well as a Street Overall Victory.  We now have a streak of three 1st place Street RWD and Street Overall victories!  Our Time Attack 135i now officially hold 2 track records, Willow Springs and Firebird Raceway!

More Event Pictures

MotoIQ Pacific Touring Car Championship

The MotoIQ Pacific Touring Car Championship (PTCC) is a new door to door racing series started this year that run in conjunction with our Redline Pro Time Attack series.  Unfortunately, due to possibly the location (Phoenix), only 2 MotoIQ PTCC competitors showed up.  Since the field was so small, Redline organizers asked the Time Attack class winners to join the MotoIQ PTCC as an exhibition only entry (we would not score points or make the podium regardless where we finished in this race).  We were given strict instructions not to interfere with the 2 MotoIQ PTCC cars (Berk Technology 135i and Road Race Engineering Eclipse) that were actually fighting for points. Also, we were not allowed to pass in corners. That pretty much left us only the front straight to make a pass. We were to start at the back of the grid as well. Per MotoIQ PTCC rules, tires were open, meaning you could run any tire, including slicks.  Berk Technology's 135i was running Hankook C51 slicks.  Road Race Engineering's Eclipse was running on R compound tires.  Unfortunately, since we did not anticipate running the MotoIQ PTCC and was there to run the Redline Time Attack Street Tire Class, we only had our Hankook RS3's street tires. Safe to say we were pretty handicapped for the race.  However, since our friendly arch rival, Berk Technology's 135i was running, why not!  Let's race!

The race went as well as expected. We pulled into 3rd place from the start behind Berk's 135i and the RRE Eclipse on the front straight but going into turn 1, we had to yield to the Eclipse as the race was still close and we could not interfere with the actual competitors (Berk and RRE). Also, we weren't allowed to pass in a turn.  Therefore, we got stuck behind the slower Eclipse for the first 2 laps. We finally was able to pass the Eclipse on the front straight (the driver waved us by) but by then Berk had gained a 12 second lead. In a 1 minute track with 8 laps to go, it wasn't going to happen. No way to catch them.  We managed to get the lead down to 6 seconds but a slight off track mishap due to our brakes fading dropped us back to 8 seconds.

Congratulations to Berk Technology for the win! We'll get you next time! (with slicks and a non exhibition run for us).  Our fastest lap in the MotoIQ PTCC race was 1:07:041, which was the fastest out of all the competitors including Berk's 135i and RRE's Eclipse.  This was with street tires!  It was even faster than our Time Attack official run but unfortunately does not count as an official record.

1st Lap

Stuck behind the RRE Eclipse! =(


Dominating Victory at Redline Time Attack Season Opener!!!

RTA season opener at Willow Springs Raceway: Another Victory for the ER Team!


  • Street Class RWD Win: 1:30.548 sec.  5 secs faster than the next closest competitor!
  • Overall Street Class Win!
  • Beat out the entire Modified RWD Class (higher class)!
  • 3rd fastest car at event, including the Unlimited and Modified Classes!

Racing season is back and it started for us at the Redline Pro Time Attack Round 1 at Willow Springs Raceway!  This is the same track last season where we had taken 1st place in Street RWD Class as well as 1st place overall in Street Class.  Piloted by VJ Mirzayan, we set a new track lap record for Street Class RWD with a 1:29:331.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts with VJ, he was not able to pilot our 135i this year at Willow Springs.  Enter Dieter Heinz Kijora!  Dieter, a veteran of Redline Time Attack, agreed to pilot our 135i for the season opener on short notice.  Saturday's pratice session was to be his first time in the car.  Normally driving high powered Evos in competition, Dieter took little time to get accustomed to our 135i.  Starting the day around the 1:35 mark,we made a few adjustments on our KW Clubsport Suspension and changed our Swift Springs to a different spring rate.  With these changes, Dieter was able to dropped the time down to 1:33 by days end, putting us ahead at P1. 

Sunday brought high winds and bad conditions. This made the high speed corners in turn 8 and 9 quite harrowing.  Yet, during the morning practice session, Dieter managed to improve and dropped his time down to 1:32 range. 

Competition session.  Go big or go home time.  Brand new set of Hankook RS3s go on the car.  Dieter goes all out and we clock a 1:30:548.  This was enough to easily win our class (Street RWD) as the next closest competitor was over 5 seconds behind (1:36 range).  This was also enough to take the overall victory in Street Class.  Amazingly, this was also faster than any other Modified Class RWD car, a class higher than us running R compound tires (we're running Hankook RS3 street tires).  We had the 3rd fastest time in the entire field (Unlimited, Modified and Street Class).  We now have a streak of 1st place finishes (in class and overall) at Willow Springs Raceway.

Unfortunately, we could not beat our best time and track lap record at Willow Springs but we're confident we will next time.  At least the track lap record stays ours for another year!

Big thanks to our sponsors for the continued support for 2011! 

Hankook Tires / KW Suspension / Brembo Race Technologies / Motul Fluids / Forgeline Wheels / GIAC Tuning / Hawk Performance / APR Performance / Swift Springs / Wavetrac Differentials / Injen / iCarbon Design / Snow Performance / Road Race Engineering / RobiSpec / Velocity Motors / HP Autowerks / GenX Graphics

Team Evolution with the beautiful Redline Time Attack Girls!


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