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05-08 (B7) Audi A4 2.0T Competition Series Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) Kit INSTALLATION GUIDE

Tools Needed:

Full set of metric sockets and wrenches.

Philips screwdriver.

Flat head screwdriver.

Full set of Hex sockets and/or wrenches.

Full set of Torx sockets and/or screwdriver bits.

Long Torx T-handle Set

Triple Square (XZN Socket) 10mm

Tool to cut the bumper (dremel, sander, etc…)

Parts Needed:

Audi/VW Power Steering Fluid

Install Time: 4-5 hours.

Difficulty (1 Easy, 5 Hard): 2


  2. Remove the side grill/fog light covers - They are held in place by clips. Grab the fog light covers by the edges and gently, but firmly pull forward.
  3. Unbolt the bumper reinforcement bar - Once the side grill/fog light covers are removed, the hex socket bolts holding the bumper reinforcement bar to the bumper reinforcement bar support shock can now be accessed. There is (1)  10mm triple square (XZN socket) bolt holding each side of the bumper reinforcement bar and is located right behind the fog light cover hole, towards the top. 
  4. Remove lower engine guard - The lower engine guard is attached by (9) flat head screwdriver screws.  Remove screws and remove the lower engine guard.
  5. Remove wheel well/fender liner from the front bumper – There are (1) plastic flat head screwdriver screw, (7) T-25 Torx screws, and (1) plastic push pin on each side of the wheel well liner.  Once the wheel well liner is removed, there are (2) T-25 Torx screws holding a bracket to the front bumper.
  6. Remove the front bumper - There are (3) T-30 Torx screws on top of the bumper cover.  One screw is located next to each of the headlights and one in the middle (top) of the bumper cover.  The bumper is also held in place by (4) 10mm nuts (2 on each side) which are located underneath the headlights and behind the fenders (where the fender and front bumper meet).  Remove these nuts and pull the front bumper out of the way.  There  are 2 wiring harness behind the bumper for the fog lights and horns.  Disconnect the connector plugs.  There is also a water hose behind the bumper for the headlight washers.  Put a container underneath the water hose connector to catch the washer fluid.  Disconnect the water hose. 
  7. Remove the bumper reinforcement bar from the front bumper - The bumper reinforcement bar is held onto the bumper cover by (2) pads on top of the bumper reinforcement bar.  Unscrew the pad and remove the bar from the bumper cover.
  8. Remove the headlights - Remove the airbox ducting on top fo the passenger side headlight.  It is held in place by (2) Philips head screws.  Once removed, the headlight is now accesible.  The headlight is held in place by (3) T-30 Torx screws.  Two of the Torx screws on each headlight are easily visible.  Remove them.  There is an access hole for a hidden Torx screw above the headlight, next to the fender.  You will need a long T-30 Torx (t-handle or extension) to reach the hidden Torx screw.  Loosen the screw enough so that the headlight can slide out of the car.  DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREW.  Detach the headlight connector plug from the headlight.
  9. Remove all intercooler hoses (pipes) - There are three total.  Unscrew the worm clamps holding the OEM intercooler hoses and remove all of them from the car.
  10. Disconnect the MAP sensor – The MAP sensor is located on the top end tank of the OEM driver’s side intercooler
  11. Remove both OEM intercoolers - Remove both factory intercooler shrouds.  On the bottom of the driver's side OEM intercooler, there is (1) T-30 Torx screw holding the air conditioning line to the intercooler which needs to be removed.  Pull the bottom of the OEM intercooler towards the front of the car which will release the lower mount from the rubber grommet on the intercooler bracket.  Lift the OEM intercooler upwards which will release the upper mounts off the rubber grommets on the intercooler bracket.  The OEM intercooler should now be free of the the bracket.  Remove from the car.  Repeat on the other side.
  12. Remove both OEM intercooler brackets - The passenger side intercooler bracket is held in place by (3) 10mm bolts.  The driver side intercooler bracket is held in place by (2) hex socket bolts in the front and (1) 10mm bolt behind the windshield washer fluid reservoir.  Use an extension and go through the wheel well to reach and remove the 10mm bolt.
  13. Remove the MAP sensor from the stock intercooler - The MAP sensor is held in place by (2) Torx screws.  Unscrew them and carefully pull out the MAP sensor.  THE MAP SENSOR HAS A GREEN RUBBER O-RING THAT SEALS IT.  BE CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE IT WHEN REMOVING.  INSPECT THE GREEN O-RING FOR DAMAGE BEFORE REINSTALLATION.
  14. Remove the plastic shrouding surrounding the radiator/air conditioning condenser - You can trim the plastic shrouds so that it will fit with the FMIC if you want to retain them.
  15. OPTIONAL - If you do not have VAG power steering fluid or if you want to use the OEM power steering line instead of the included external power steerin cooler, SKIP REMOVAL STEP 16 AND INSTALLATION STEP 3.  You will need to bend the OEM power steering line upwards towards the side of the intercooler.  MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT KINK OR BREAK THE LINE.
  16. Remove the OEM power steering hard line - Unclip the sensor attached to the OEM power steering hard line (located in front of the car).  Remove the OEM power steering hard line from the stock rubber line (have a bucket underneath as power steering fluid will flow out after the rubber lines are moved from the hard lines.  TIP: Use a line clamp on the rubber power steering lines to prevent the power steering fluid from coming out.  This will save the majority of the power steering fluid and only require you to add a small amount of fluid to the power steering reservoir.


  1. OPTIONAL:   Install the new external power steering cooler - (If you do not have the VAG power steering fluid or if you want to use the OEM line, bend it upwards on the side of the FMIC).  You may attach it anywhere you like.  We recommend you attach it above the intercooler towards the driver’s side.  Slide the power steering cooler straps through the cooler and through the a/c condenser.  They do not need to go through the radiator.  Place the power steering cooler mounting cushions through the mounting straps so that they sit between the power steering cooler and the a/c condenser.  MAKE SURE THE EXTERNAL POWER STEERING COOLER CLEARS THE HOOD LATCH.  ONCE THE CLIP IS ATTACHED TO THE MOUNTING STRAPS, THEY CANNOT BE REMOVED WITHOUT CUTTING THEM (LIKE ZIP TIES).  Attach the clips to the straps.  Attach the longer hose to the top fitting on the external power steering cooler and the short one to the lower fitting.  Use supplied metal barbed hose connector to attach the new hose to the old stock soft (rubber) lines (top hose goes to top soft line, bottom hose goes to bottom line).  Attach clamps and tighten.
  2. Reattach the MAP sensor to the new throttle body intercooler pipe - The MAP sensor will now use (2) 6mm x 14mm long silver Allen bolts (which are supplied in the kit) to reattach itself to the new throttle body intercooler pipe.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE ALLEN BOLTS AS DOING SO WILL STRIP THE MOUNTING THREADS.
  3. Mount the ER Front Mount Intercooler - The FMIC mounts to the (4) T-25 Torx screws holding the A/C condenser to the radiator.  DO NOT TORQUE DOWN THE SCREWS.  HAND TIGHTEN SNUGLY.  THE RADIATOR ENDTANKS ARE MADE OUT OF PLASTIC AND IF YOU TORQUE THEM DOWN THEY WILL STRIP.  Attach the silicone hump couplings to the intercooler.
  4. Attach the new intercooler piping - The 2.25" intercooler piping is the turbo to intercooler piping.  The 2.5" intercooler piping with the MAP sensor flange is the throttle body pipe.  The other 2.5" intercooler piping attaches to the intercooler to the throttle body pipe.  Use the supplied t-bolt clamps.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE T-BOLT CLAMP.  THE T-BOLT CLAMPS CAN PRODUCE ENOUGH CLAMPING FORCE TO CRUSH THE INTERCOOLER PIPING.  Clamp the t-bolt clamps until they are hand tight.  Make sure the t-bolt clamps clear both the headlights assemblies or else you will have problems reinstalling the headlights.
  5. Modify and install the bumper reinforcement bar - Cut out the back portion of the bumper reinforcement bar so that it will clear the FMIC assembly.  Reinstall the bumper reinforcement bar to the bumper cover.
  6. Secure the sensor that was located on the OEM power steering hard line - Use the supplied zip ties and secure the sensor to the FMIC upper mount. 
  7. Start the car and check for boost leaks.
  8. Add power steering fluid to the power steering reservoir - Turn the steering wheel back and forth, adding fluid as need until squealing goes away and the reservoir fluid level stabilizes and is at the full mark.  USE ONLY AUDI/VW POWER STEERING FLUID ONLY. 
  9. Reassemble car – Follow Removal STEP 8 to 1 in reverse order. 
  10. Lower car back on the ground.
  11. Start the car and enjoy!