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Podium Finish!!!

The race season is back and we started it off strong with a podium finish! 

March 26-28th was the season opener for the Redline Time Attack Series @ Buttonwillow Raceway.  With the long break of the offseason, this usually means that major changes and upgrades are done during this time.  First races of the season are tough as this is usually the first time we put these changes and upgrades to the test.  This offseason, we decided that it's time to work on the aeros.  Front splitter and big rear wing.  Can't avoid it any longer.  We must do it, it works. 

Our goal going into the event was to beat our best time @ Buttonwillow Raceway (2:00:994) that we put down at the last race during the Super Lap Battle as well as try to break the 2:00 barrier.  Unfortunately however, for this event, we only had 1 set of tires.  The same set we used at Super Lap Battle Finals 2009!  Being many months old and now being on it's 3rd event, it had long past it's prime.  We rotated the tires to try to extend the life of the tires and it worked.  During our first pratice session, we did it!  We put down 1:59:738, our best time yet and under 2:00 minutes!  By the time the actual competition portion started, the tires were done.  With each lap during practice, our times got slower and slower.  We pulled in early to try to save what was left of the tires for competition.  With the great VJ Mirzayan behind the wheel, we gave it one last push during competition.  With 2:00:520 clocked during competition, we podiumed with a 2nd place finish in Street Class RWD!

Mounting the APR Performance carbon fiber wing.  Yes, we did it at the track.  Yes, we did not sleep the night before.

Making rear toe adjustments to control the "beast"!


Coming back from the wheel shop after getting tires rotated

Uh oh, problems.  Power steering reservoir blew up.


With the success of our first event, we going for the championship!  Next up: Redline Time Attack Round 3 @ Las Vegas Speedway.  We'd like to thank our gracious sponsors for continuing their support for our 2010 racing campaign!  Many thanks goes out to Yokohama Advan Tires, Brembo, KW Suspension, Forgeline Wheels, Hawk Performance Brakes, GIAC, RobiSpec, Wavetrac Differentials, Injen, Snow Performance Methanol Injection, Road Race Engineering, The Wheel Supply and GenX Graphics!  Special thanks goes out to our new sponsorship partner, APR Performance for their GTC-300 adjustable carbon fiber wing!  Another special thanks goes out to our tech friends from South Bay BMW.  They came out to watch the show and we put them to work hehe!  But always, thanks to our incredible driver, VJ Mirzayan for making our hard work look good!