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2.7TT Dual Side Mount Intercooler (SMIC) Upgrade Kit


With the abundance of K04 upgraded turbos and even GT28R upgraded turbo Audi B5 S4's and A6/Allroad 2.7TTs running the streets, a need for a better side mount intercooler was born. The factory side mount intercoolers were just not designed for the power levels these upgraded turbo B5 S4s/A6/Allroad are now producing. While the side mount intercoolers (SMIC) upgrades available in the market were adequate to cool stock and K04 turbos, this was not the case for GT28R upgrades (Stage 3, +). With the release of our B5 S4s/A6/Allroad Dual SMIC Upgrades, that void is now filled. We're known for building the best intercooler applications available for Audi's so you will not be disappointed!

Ease of Installation: (1 Easy, 5 Hard): 2



Key Features:

1. Largest SMIC ever produced with a 10"x8"x4.5" (13.5"x8"x4.5" with end tanks) High Density Bar and Plate Construction Intercooler Core.

2. Improved end tank design over factory. The new end tank design completely replaces the lower "S" intercooler hose on the driver's side factory intercooler. New design improves throttle response and decreases turbo lag.

3. Replaces all OEM intercooler hose with aluminum hard piping for improved throttle response.

4. Intercooler piping features beaded, silicone "hump" hoses, and T-bolt clamps to prevent intercooler piping from coming off from boost.

5. Maintains ALL factory components, i.e. fog lights, smog pump, horn, water squirters etc... Does not require any modification to the bumper cover or fenders. Belly pan can be retained with no modifications.

6. ER DSMIC Full Kit includes carbon fiber shrouds molded specifically for our intercooler kit.

7. Includes all hardware needed for installation.

8. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Dual SMIC Upgrade Kit with front bumper on

Dual SMIC Upgrade Kit wiht front bumper off

Largest dual side mount intercoolers ever produced! Features a colossal 360 cubic inches each intercooler for a combine 720 cubic inches. Each intercooler features a high density bar and plate core that is 10"x8"x4.5" in size and has 15 charge rows each. Through extensive testing of different types of intercooler cores (tube & fin, bar & plate) we found that the high density bar and plate core to be the most efficient. Independent testing has shown that our FMIC is so efficient in cooling that it has cooled intake air temperatures (IAT) to almost ambient (outside) temperatures! Recovery is just as impressive. Lift the throttle to shift and IAT's drop instantly to temperatures before your run. That kind of performance is unbeatable! That's why in such a short time, our DSMIC upgrades are known as the best DSMIC upgrades available for the B5 S4s/A6/Allroad!


Passenger side intercooler

Drivers side intercooler

Large 4.5" thick core!

Installed with optional carbon fiber shrouds

Our Dual Side Mount Intercooler (DSMIC) upgrade requires no modifications to the bumper or fenders. Belly pan fits with no modifications. Can be used with cars running air conditioning.

All the factory lower intercooler hose has been replaced with aluminum hard piping. The factory intercooler hose is soft which can and will balloon during boost. This does not happen with aluminum hard piping which increases throttle response. The passenger side intercooler comes with new aluminum hard piping. The factory driver's side lower intercooler inlet faces firewall, away from the factory lower intercooler piping that comes from the turbo. This requires from the factory a restrictive "S" intercooler hose. The new upgraded intercooler end tank design has completely removed this "S" intercooler hose. With it now gone, a straight section of pipe comes from the factory lower intercooler piping coming from the turbo straight into the side of the new intercooler. With the new improved design, throttle response is increased as well as turbo lag is decreased.

Included lower intercooler hard piping to replace factory rubber hoses


Our DSMIC Upgrades will come with 2 different version, the Basic Kit and Full Kit. The Basic Kit will include 2 intercooler assemblies and all hardware needed to install. The Full Kit will include everything in the Basic Kit, but will also come with carbon fiber shrouds molded specifically for our intercooler upgrades.

Dual SMICs with carbon fiber shrouds (Full Kit)

Carbon fiber shrouds installed

Passenger side SMIC with carbon fiber shrouds

Drivers side SMIC with carbon fiber shrouds

All intercooler kits will include silicone "hump" hoses as well as T-bolt clamps.

Quality is very important to us. We do extensive R&D as well as beta testing to ensure this (as some of you may already know, waiting for us to release the production units). We only release our products once we feel we have reached perfection. We do not rush to get our products out even if there is alot of potential customers. Also, we do quality checks before the intercoolers are packaged. EVERY SMIC is pressure tested to 50 PSI of pressure before they are shipped to ensure no leakage. We include only high quality parts and accessories in our SMIC kit. We include detail instructions and ALL parts needed for installation. All our SMIC’s are backed with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

B5 S4 SMIC being pressure tested


We go through extensive R&D to test all the innovations and features we incorporate into our intercooler systems. With years of experience building race cars and high power street cars, you can be sure that you're getting the best.

CAUTION: This product is intended for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. Not legal for use on pollution controlled vechiles upon public road/highways.   THIS PRODUCT IS FOR SALE FOR ALL 49 STATES EXCLUDING CALIFORNIA. 


The item is for sale for international customers without restriction.

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