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B5 S4 2.7TT Carbon Fiber Shrouds


Our carbon fiber shrouds are now available for purchase seperately from our B5 (00-02) S4 Dual Side Mount Intercooler (DSMIC).  The B5 S4 2.7TT Carbon Fiber Shroud Kit is for those who purchased the B5 (00-02) S4 DSMIC Basic Kits.  It is only compatible with our B5 S4 DSMIC Upgrades Kit only and will not work without modification with any other manufacturers products.  It is not compatible with the factory SMIC.

Our carbon fiber shrouds are constructed from real carbon fiber weave fabric and is designed to fit the entire face of our B5 S4 DSMICs.  The purpose of the carbon fiber shrouds is to direct airflow from the front bumper directly to the face of the intercooler core.  Without shrouding, air traveling to the intercooler core can go around the core however with shrouding, all the airflow will be forced through the intercooler core.  This improves the already efficient DSMIC's and provides even better results.  Lower intake air temperatures as well as fight off heatsoaking of the intercooler core.



List Price: $249.95
Price: $249.95