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00-02 (B5) Audi S4 2.7TT Sports Series Dual Side Mount Intercooler (DSMIC) INSTALLATION GUIDE

Tools Needed:

Full set of metric sockets and wrenches.

Philips screwdriver.

Flat head screwdriver.

Full set of Hex sockets and/or wrenches.

Full set of Torx sockets and/or screwdriver bits.

Drill & Bits.

Tools to cut plastic (dremel, sander etc...)

Parts Needed:


Install Time: 2-3 hours.

Difficulty (1 Easy, 5 Hard): 2


  2. Remove the side grill/fog light covers:  They are held in place by clips. Grab the fog light covers by the edges and gently, but firmly pull forward.
  3. Unbolt the bumper reinforcement bar. Once the side grill/fog light covers are removed, the hex socket bolts holding the bumper reinforcement bar to the bumper reinforcement bar support shock can now be accessed. There is 1 hex socket bolt holding each side of the bumper reinforcement bar and is located right behind the fog light cover hole, towards the top.
  4. Remove lower engine guard:  The lower engine guard is attached by 8mm screws.  Remove screws and remove the lower engine guard.
  5. Remove wheel well/fender liner from the front bumper.
  6. Remove headlights. The headlights are attached by 3 Torx socket bolts. Two bolts are located on top of the headlight. The third bolt is located on the bottom of the headlight and can be access from a hole in the side fender. Unclip the headlight from their wiring harness.
  7. Remove the bumper. The bumper is now only held on by clips located on the sides of the bumper (by the wheel). Grab the bottom corner of the side of the bumper were the clips are located and gently, but firmly pull that corner outwards. Once the bottom clip releases, grab the top corner of the bumper and pull that corner outwards, which should release all the clips. BE VERY CAREFUL AND ALERT WHEN PULLING THE CORNERS OF THE BUMPER AS THE CLIPS AND/OR THE MOUNT CAN BREAK. IT TAKES SOME EFFORT TO UNCLIP THESE CLIPS BUT DOES NOT NEED YOUR FULL STRENGTH. Pull the bumper forward and unclip the fog lights from their wiring harness. Put a bucket underneath the headlight washer lines and unclip the line.
  8. Disconnect the radiator core support/lock carriage from the chassis:  IT IS NOT MANDATORY TO REMOVE THE RADIATOR CORE SUPPORT/LOCK CARRIAGE COMPLETELY OFF THE CAR.  ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS TO PULL IT FORWARD ENOUGH SO THAT THE NEW SIDE MOUNT INTERCOOLERS CAN SLIDE INTO PLACE.  The radiator core support/lock carriage is held in place by (4) Torx bolts and (1) 10mm nut where the bumper reinforcement shocks are located.  They’re also held onto the fenders by (2) Torx T20 bolts (above the headlight) and (1) Torx T20 bolt (side of the headlight towards the fender).  TRACE THESE BOLTS AND NUTS WITH A MARKER.  THESE MARKS WILL BE USED TO PROPERLY REALIGN THE RADIATOR CORE SUPPORT/LOCK CARRIAGE TO THEIR ORIGINAL POSITION UPON INSTALLATION.

  9. Remove ALL OEM intercooler hoses:  There are intercooler hoses running from the turbochargers to the OEM intercoolers as well as “S” hoses running from the OEM intercoolers to the plastic bi-pipes.  Remove them all.
  10. Remove the stock side mount intercoolers: Remove the OEM intercooler shrouds.  Move the clips on the OEM intercooler shrouds away from the mounting pegs and pull the shroud away from the intercooler.  The OEM intercoolers are held onto the intercooler brackets by rubber grommets.  Pull the bottom of the intercooler forwards to release it from the lower mount on the bracket.  Once free of the lower mount, lift the intercooler upwards to lift it off the bracket.
  11. Remove the air conditioning canister from its bracket:  Behind the passenger side intercooler, there is an air conditioning canister.  The air conditioning canister is held in place by (2) 10mm nuts onto the intercooler bracket.  Remove the (2) 10mm nuts.  BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING THE AIR CONDITIONING CANISTER AND LINES.  THEY ARE FRAGILE AND CAN BE DAMAGED.
  12. Remove the intercooler bracket:  The intercooler bracket is held in place by rivets.  Rivets are removed by drilling the center of the rivet with a drill bit until the drill bit punches through to the other side, which will release the rivet.  You may need to pry the rivet off once you drilled through it.  You may also cut the brackets instead if you’d prefer.
  13. Remove the driver’s side horn and bracket.


  1. Install the new air conditioning canister bracket:  Attach the air conditioning canister to the new air conditioning bracket using the original (2) 10mm nuts removed from the old bracket.  Attach the bracket to the chassis using the original (1) 10mm bolt.  BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING THE AIR CONDITIONING CANISTER AND LINES.  THEY ARE FRAGILE AND CAN BE DAMAGED.
  2. Trim radiator core support/lock carriage:  The carbon fiber shrouds are designed to maximize cooling efficiency of our upgraded side mount intercoolers.  By trimming away parts of the radiator core support/lock carriage, more surface area of the intercooler will be exposed to direct air flow.  Trim the radiator core support/lock carriage up to the frame rail.  TEST FIT THE NEW SHROUDS ON THE INTERCOOLER AND USE THAT AS REFERENCE ON HOW MUCH TO REMOVE.
  3. Mount the side mount intercoolers:  Slide the new intercoolers into their position.  There is a mount on top of the intercooler end tank.  It attaches to the mount where the fender attaches to the radiator core support/lock carriage (next to the headlight). 
  4. Trim passenger side shroud to accommodate the tow hook:  There is a tow hook by the passenger side intercooler and shroud.  Test fit the new passenger side carbon fiber shroud on the car.  Mark the area where the tow hook is positioned in reference to the shroud and using the 2” hole saw, cut out a piece of the carbon fiber shroud that is marked.
  5. Mark and drill new pilot holes on the carbon fiber shroud:  Test fit the new carbon fiber shrouds on the intercoolers.  There is a shroud mounting plate on the side of the intercooler with 2 holes that will be used to secure the shroud to the intercooler.  While the shroud is in the correct area, mark the location of the 2 holes on the bracket onto the shrouds by pushing the tip of the marker through the 2 holes.  Use these marks as reference on where to drill the holes on the shroud.  Take a 1/8” or similar drill bit and make a pilot hole.  MAKE SURE YOU DRILL STRAIGHT INTO THE MARKS AND THAT THE DRILL BIT DOES NOT MOVE AWAY FROM THE MARKS WHILE DRILLING.  FAILING TO DO SO WILL CAUSE THE HOLES ON THE SHROUDS TO NOT ALIGN WITH THE HOLES ON THE BRACKET. 
  6. Mount the new carbon fiber shrouds on the intercooler:  There are 2 ways to mount the shrouds:  Reuse OEM shroud screw and screw clip:  Remove the screw clip from the OEM shroud by pulling the clip apart.  There is a hole on the OEM shroud where the clip used to be.  Find a drill bit that size and using that drill bit, drill the 2 pilot holes you’ve made on the carbon fiber shroud.  Install the OEM screw clip onto the carbon fiber shroud.  Enlarge the 2 holes on the shroud bracket so that the OEM screw can pass though them.  Put the carbon fiber shroud on the intercooler and tighten the screws.  Use the supplied nuts, washer and bolts:  Take a ¼” drill bit and enlarge the 2 pilot holes on the carbon fiber shroud.  Using the same drill bit, enlarge the holes on the shroud bracket on the intercooler.  Take the supplied 6mmx1.00 bolt, washer, and nuts supplied in the kit and put them through the 2 corresponding holes on the shroud mount and shroud.  There should be 1 washer on each side of the shroud.  Hand tighten the nut and bolt.   DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN AS THIS MAY DAMAGE THE SHROUD.
  7. Repeat STEPS 6 and STEP 7 on other intercooler.
  8. Install intercooler pipes and reattach “S” hose:  Attach the 2” silicone hump couplings included in the kit to the lower end tank inlet.  The intercooler pipe included is for the passenger side intercooler.  Use the supplied T-bolt clamp (size 238) to the lower intercooler piping.  Reattach the OEM “S” hose to the upper end tank outlet and bi-pipes.  Tighten all clamps.
  9. Reinstall the radiator core support/lock carriage back onto car:  ONE OF THE BUMPER REINFORCEMENT BAR SHOCK BOLTS CANNOT BE PUT BACK ONTO THE CAR (far left bolt on passenger and far right bolt on driver).  THE BOLT IS TOO LONG AND WILL HIT THE INTERCOOLER!!!
  10. Start the car and check for boost leaks.
  11. Install the driver’s side horn:  Install the new supplied horn bracket onto the original location along with the horn.  Rotate the horn until it will clear the bumper.
  12. Reinstall headlight:  Reverse instruction in Removal STEP 7, STEP 3 then STEP 2.
  13. Reinstall headlight:  Reverse instruction in Removal STEP 6 then STEP 5.
  14. Reinstall lower engine guard:  Reverse instruction in Removal STEP 4.
  15. Lower car.
  16. Enjoy!

If there are any problems or questions about installation, please contact us at or (626) 814-3403.